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Saturday, March 17, 2018
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Performance Review Do's and Don'ts Checklist - First Nations University Academics

Performance Review Do's and Don'ts Checklist - Campion, Luther and University of Regina Academics

University of Regina Faculty Association

The University of Regina Faculty Association is pleased to offer a new website for its members. The new website has a clean uncluttered design, improved functionality and enhanced content focused on members’ needs. You will still be able to find previous content such as committee membership, news and events, collective agreements current and previous, as well as various reports and information.

We understand that is it important for our members to have access to essential information in a timely fashion, therefore enhancements include:

  • a search feature to assist you in finding desired information;
  • a featured news area, find out what is happening now;
  • a calendar of events, see what is upcoming.

The University of Regina Faculty Association (URFA) is made up of 1400 amazing members dedicated to giving life to the academic mission of the University of Regina, Campion College, Luther College, and the First Nations University of Canada. URFA members do so through their teaching, research and service, and the provision of awesome administrative, professional & technical skills.  Members play a role in collective bargaining, and so enhance the quality of the universities’ & colleges’ programs and services.

It offers members opportunities to contribute to the enhancement of operations through service on joint & URFA committees. There are opportunities for members to gain leadership, negotiating & advocacy skills and so furthering their own professional development. Through URFAs affiliation with regional, provincial & national labour groups it affords members opportunities to network with other like-minded folks and gain access to trade union education.

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