Bargaining Support

What is a Bar­gain­ing Sup­port Committee?

This com­mit­tee works to sup­port the bar­gain­ing team pri­or to and dur­ing bar­gain­ing with mem­ber engage­ment, spe­cial projects, and plan­ning for poten­tial job action.

There are cur­rent­ly two Bar­gain­ing Sup­port Com­mit­tees recruit­ing vol­un­teers. If you are inter­est­ed in get­ting involved, please fill out the form below.

U of R APT

The U of R APT bar­gain­ing unit is cur­rent­ly in active bar­gain­ing. At this time, we are recruit­ing any mem­ber of the bar­gain­ing unit who is inter­est­ed in get­ting involved to assist with mem­ber engagement.

U of R Academic

The U of R Aca­d­e­m­ic bar­gain­ing unit will enter active bar­gain­ing in 2023. At this time, we are recruit­ing mem­bers of the bar­gain­ing unit (includ­ing ses­sion­als) who would like to assist with spe­cial research projects.

Bargaining Support Committee