Download Your "I Stand With My Bargaining Team" Zoom Background

Ready to show your sup­port for your bar­gain­ing team in union, work, or per­son­al vir­tu­al meetings?

Down­load your I Stand With My Bar­gain­ing Team Zoom back­ground and start using it today.

Download your Zoom background here (150 KB)

How to Change Your Zoom Back­ground (desk­top)

1. Down­load the Zoom back­ground to your com­put­er’s down­loads folder.

2. Join a Zoom meeting.

3. At the bot­tom of the Zoom win­dow, click the up arrow next to​“Stop Video.”

4. Select​“Change Vir­tu­al Background.”

5. Click the “+” icon then​“add image.”

6. Choose the file from your down­loads fold­er and click​“open.”

IMPOR­TANT: If your back­ground image appears back­wards, check­­­/un-check​“mir­ror my video.”

7. Close your set­tings window.