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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Workplace Problems

If you experience a problem, face an issue, or need information to help resolve a difficulty in your working life at the University of Regina, Campion and Luther Colleges or the First Nations Univerity of Canada, we are here to help.

The Faculty Association is your legal representative in all employment-related matters. This means that you have the right to:

  • consult with the Association at any time

  • provide the Association with any information or documentation related to your work

  • request that the Association officially represent you in any dealing with the university administration 

There can be no reprisal or retaliation from the administration for your having sought the advice and assistance of the Association.

When you approach the Faculty Association, you will most likely be put in contact with a Member Services Officer or Professional Officer (MSO or PO). These are the professional staff of the Association charged with advising and assisting members in need. Most questions and concerns are fairly easily resolved with an email or telephone call, and your MSO’s and PO’s are happy to help you in this way. These professional officers can also accompany you to meetings with the administration, advocate on your behalf, and represent you in any employment-related matter so that you are never standing alone against the administration.

The MSO or PO, in conjunction with the Grievance Committee also manage problems that are not so easily resolved. The more formal process is called the “grievance process” is a well-established procedure, agreed to by the University or College and laid out in the appropriate Collective Agreement. The Officers and the Committee, assisted as necessary by our legal counsel, will work on your behalf to protect your rights.


Inquiries to the Faculty Association are held in strict confidence. In many cases our ability to assist you will be limited unless we can discuss the specifics of your situation with Employee Relations our counterparts on the administration side. We will not, however, take this step without first consulting with you.


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