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Sunday, January 19, 2020

First Nations University - Academic


The First Nations University of Canada embodies the values and aspirations of First Nations' peoples to achieve education of quality with in a uniquely First Nations' environment. The University seeks to promote, for all members of the University family, the development of spirit, body, mind, and sense of community. The First Nations University of Canada (formerly known as the Saskatchewan Indian Federated College) was certified in 1991 under the umbrella of the University of Regina Faculty Association. Currently, the Association represents approximately 32 First Nations University Academic staff members in permanent, probationary, and term positions.

Please note that the documents posted online are not legally binding. Errors of commission and omission excepted.

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Negotiations for the First Nations University Academic Staff Collective Agreement are currently underway. 


Bargaining Updates

Bargaining Update Presentation- September 30, 2019 


Bargaining Committee 

Tara Turner 

Ed Doolittle 

Colin Tether (URFA Staff) 


Important Dates

Review Process (Effective September, 2014) - Summarized from Article 19 of the Collective Agreement

July 1 to June 30
Academic Year

January 1 to December 31
Review Year

July 1
Normal date of appointment for academic staff members in faculty, librarian, and laboratory instructor categories

September 1
Vice President (Academic) provides all academic staff with an Annual Information Form

November 30
Deadline for application for permanency and/or promotion

December 15
Annual Information Form deadline

Deadline for supplementary information for renewal of probation, permanency, four-year review and promotion

January 31
Reviews completed by initial reviewer

February 15
Academic staff member notified in writing of decisions by initial reviewer

March 31
Reviews completed by Academic Performance Review Committee

April 15
Vice-President (Academic) shall invite members to request a meeting

May 15
Academic staff members with probationary appointments to be notified in writing of decisions by Vice-President, of renewal of appointments or granting of tenure (Academic)

Within 30 days of receipt of Notification of Non-renewal of Probationary Appointment or Denial of an Appointment with Permanency and no later than June 15
Deadline for filing an appeal to the Faculty Association. In cases of non-renewal of a probationary appointment or denial of an appointment with permanency (regardless of whether it is the final year of probation), the Notice of Appeal must be filed by the academic member as noted above

July 1
All positive career decisions take effect

July 31
Written recommendations from Appeals Committee to President, Vice-President (Academic) and Faculty Association

September 15
President shall put his or her decision in writing

September 30
Deadline for arbitration request in event of a negative decision by President

November 30
Arbitration Board shall render its written decision