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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Policies and Forms

The Executive Committee is responsible for approving all Policies associated with the University of Regina Faculty Association.

The URFA Forms include forms for travel advances, travel/accommodation expenses associated with conference/meetings, etc. and general expense claims. Claims, along with required receipts, should be submitted to URFA office within two weeks of travel, etc. Expenses will be reimbursed by URFA within a miximum period of three weeks upon receipt of the claim.


Conference and Delegate Expectation Support Policy

The University of Regina Faculty Association encourages, and supports our members to attend conferences, and other events, that involve them in the regional, provincial, national and/or global labour meovement. Further, this policy clarifies that URFA members' participation in such events is a benefit of membership in URFA. Various conferences are budgeted annually. Call for Volunteers are sent out to the membership for many of these conferences. The Internal Management Committee and/or Executive Committee elects the delegates from the names received from the calls. All attendees of conferences are to prepare a written report to the Executive Committee, within two weeks of the event's conclusion, summarzing what they learned and their assessment of further possible benefits to URFA, and its members, of future participation in such events. Members reports shall include i) a copy of the event programme, ii) a one-page summary of the sessions attended, skills/knowledge learned and an overview of how other members of URFA may benefit from attendance in the future, iii) an assessment of whether the cost incurred represented good value to the Association and its members. If appropriate, the report will be posted on the URFA web site for the benefit of all members.

 In situations where multiple members attend the same URFA-supported event, only one copy of a report, as outlined above, is required, though it should reflect the cumulative learning/evaluative experiences of all attendees. Each attendee is expected to sign off on the report as being inclusive of their learning and assessment of future benefit to URFA members and a statement about whether the costs incurred represented a reasonable benefit for the Association’s members.

Emergency Fund Policy

The Executive Committee established the URFA Member Emergency Fund to support members who have emergency circumstances due to the sudden loss or decline in remuneration from Campion College, First Nations University, Luther College or the University of Regina.

Security/Confidentiality of Electronic Voting

In accordance with Article 10 of the URFA Constitution and Article 3.4 of the URFA Bylaws most ballots and surveys conducted by URFA are held electronically.

Sessional Honorariums Policy

In recognition of the role sessionals play in supporting the association and its goals, sessionals elected as members of URFA Standing Committees and/or approved to attend events as URFA representatives receive stipends/honorariums. In order to receive payment under this policy a Sessional Honorarium Claim Form must be completed and submitted to URFA.

Sessional Professional Development Fund Policy 

URFA awards funds to assist U of R Sessional Academic staff members with priority status with costs associated with creative, scholarly, and professional works. Acceptable expenses may include registration, travel, publications fees, or discipline specific equivalents. Please note that these funds are available only for U of R Sessional Academic staff members with priority status. Those who do not have priority or who are sessional members in other bargaining units are unable to apply for these funds. 

Applications may be made by sumitting a completed application form to the URFA Office. Application deadlines are April 1, September 1, and December 1. Late submissions will not be accepted, and will not be included in the next fund distribution period unless you re-submit your application. 

Solidarity Fund Policy

This policy sets out guidelines and priorities involving three areas of support (donations): labour issues at post-secondary institutions, labour issues involving unions in Saskatchewan, and other issues advanced by socially progressive associations and organizations.


Conference, Committee and Delegate Report Form

General Expense Claim Form

Sessional Honorarium Claim Form

Sessional Professional Development Fund Application Form 

Sessional Honorarium Federal Tax Form 

Sessional Honorarium Provinicial Tax Form 

Travel and Accommodation Expense Claim Form