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Sunday, January 19, 2020
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Elections Ballots and Surveys

Workplace Issues Suggestion Box - for University of Regina Faculty Association Academic and APT members

 URFA Electronic Voting Procedures|PDF

1. The Executive Director will determine a vote is required based on the appropriate criteria.

2. URFA staff will prepare the electronic ballot and post a link on the URFA web- site. Each ballot will be password protected. Each ballot link will have the following information listed beside it on the web-site: which members are eligible to vote; date and time voting will close.

3. Each ballot will request members to provide their name and department. This information will be provided only for the purpose of ensuring the member is eligible to vote on this matter and to ensure that members have only voted one time.

4. URFA staff will send an e-mail to those members eligible to vote informing them of the vote, defining the process, and providing the password. When time permits, this information will be mailed to those members for whom URFA has no e-mail address.

5. During the voting period, one member of the URFA staff (Staff #1) will view the names and/or departments of members for the purpose of identifying that the member is eligible to vote and that the member has only voted one time.

a. Staff #1 will only have access to the names and/or departments of members and will not have access to how each member has voted.
b. If a vote cannot be identified (i.e. does not include a name) the vote will be considered “spoiled”. If an ineligible member votes, the vote will be considered “spoiled”.
c. If a member votes more than one time, both votes will be considered “spoiled”. Staff #1 will send the following message to that member:

"You have been identified as voting more than one time in the vote. As a result, your votes have been spoiled and will not be counted. Please vote again, and only once. The password for this vote is: password. If you have any questions or concerns with regard to this process, please contact the Faculty Association."

6. Once voting is completed, Staff #1 will provide the second staff member (Staff #2), and the returning officer for the vote, with a list of ballots that have been spoiled. This will be identified by number only.

7. Staff #2 will close the vote, and will provide a list of votes (identified only by number) to the returning officer for verification and tabulation.8.The returning officer, with Staff #2 as an observer, will delete (not count) the ballots that have been spoiled, and will tabulate the remaining votes.

8. Once the returning officer has determined all procedures were followed properly, and an outcome has been determined, the election data will bE deleted from the balloting site, and the link will be removed from the URFA web-site.

SECURITY: Each time a vote is held, a new password will be used. This password will only be provided to URFA members who are eligible to vote. In addition, the site used for balloting is password protected – this password is only provided to Staff #1 and Staff #2, and is changed quarterly.

CONFIDENTIALITY: To ensure confidentiality, Staff #1 will only have access to the names and/or departments of eligible voters. Staff #2 will only have access to how the members voted. The returning officer will only be provided with the votes (see below).

Staff #1 Sees:
John Doe     Education
Jane Doe      Business Administration
Allen Allen   Engineering
Jim James    Engineering
Barbara G.    Education

Staff #2 Sees and provides the returning officer with:
1. Yes
2. No
3. Yes
4. Yes
5. Yes

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