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Monday, September 25, 2017

Membership and Fees

How do I become a member?

All full and part time employees, other than those excluded by the certification orders from the Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board, are automatically members of the local (URFA), the provincial (SAUT) and national (CAUT) associations.  Payment of fees is compulsory and although membership in the Association is not a condition of employment, membership is assumed unless specified otherwise.

How much are dues?

The amount of union dues you pay is based on your salary.  Dues are paid monthly at a rate of 1.15% of each member’s monthly salary, which includes all stipends and supplements.  If your annual salary is $70,000, your tax deductible dues would be $816.50 per year or $68.04 per month.

Union dues represent approximately 99% of URFA revenue. (Other revenue can be attributed to investments such as interest from savings accounts and term deposits.) Your dues are used for membership development, to pay legal fees, to employ staff, and for a host of other things that have your interests in mind.